Cyber Training Unit (CTU)

Cyber Training Unit (CTU)


Unit Description

This unit is open to cadets who have completed at least the 6th grade and are interested in learning computer and technical skills. These skills will include network cable and server assembly, computer structure and assembly, network security, and programming/coding skills. Applicants will have to have attended Leadership Encampment and will be required to take a Cyber Aptitude Test prior to attending (Test will be administered 22 June 2020).



A Cyber Aptitude Test (C.A.T.) will be given at the end of Leadership Encampment.


Grade Level Required

Cadets will need to have completed the Sixth (6th) Grade.


Cadet Leadership

Looking for 1 (preferably past CTU cadet) as the Class Leader (Apply for Leadership).


POC: 2LT John M. Feathers,