Headquarters, California Cadet Corps


Headquarters, California Cadet Corps is a branch of the California State Military Department charged with the direction, supervision, and conduct of the California Cadet Corps operating under the guidance of the Executive Officer of the California Cadet Corps, the Commander of the California National Guard Youth and Community Programs Task Force, and the Cadet/Commander of the 10th Corps.


Meet the Command Team

Position Name Photo Summary
YCPTF Commander Brigadier General (CA) Peter  B. Cross Commands the Youth and Community Programs Task Force (YCPTF) of the California Military Department under The Adjutant General
Director / Executive Officer

COL Michael J. Smith


Directs the California Cadet Corps under the Commander, YCPTF
Assistant Executive Officer

LTC David Archer


  Assists the Executive Officer and Directs the HQ Staff
Command Sergeant Major

CSM Dennis Sirkin


10th Corps Cadet Commander

C/MAJ Tamira lanzon


Commands the 10th Corps of Cadets (Brigades + Staff)