Headquarters S-4, Supply & Logistics

 S-4 Function

The suppy and logistics office is primarily concerned with the sustainment of the California Cadet Corps; it falls on the S-4 to purchase, distribute, track, and maintain the resources the CACC needs to operate and accomplish its mission. 

S-4 Contacts
S-4 OIC: CPT Williams Hicks
S-4 NCO: SSG Sarahy Barrera
S-4 NCO:  SSG Albert Rhodes
Email:  Logistics@cacadets.org        
Email: TBD

New Uniform Announcement!

The new uniforms (Class B and C, PT uniforms & boots) are scheduled to arrive at Camp San Luis Obispo warehouse starting 20 July 2019. New requisitions for these uniforms should be submitted NLT 15 July 2019 for early delivery.  Delivery should commence to the field in August.

New Uniform Requisitions



S-4 Actions