Marksmanship Training During Encampment 

     Marksmanship training and competitions have been a significant component of the CACC for over 100 years.  

Benefits of Marksmanship Training Include:

  1. Marksmanship builds confident leaders
    1. Confidence is built by the Control Cycle (failure-improvement-mastery)
    2. Confidence is built by successfully handling something with potential for harm (driving a car, playing sports, etc)
  2. Marksmanship builds maturity
    1. Maturity is developed with sound decision making, risk mitigation, and long term thinking.  These are all taught, demonstrated, and practiced while handling weapons.
  3. Marksmanship builds discipline
    1. Discipline is built by self-mastery of all elements that make a better shooter: breath control, focus, and patience
  4. Marksmanship builds self-awareness
    1. Awareness of one’s mental state is a requirement to control emotions
  5. Shooting sports increase competition
  6. Olympic Sports / Collegiate Scholarships
    1. Scholarships / Sponsorships
  7. Vocational Training for first responders including law enforcement, security, and military

3 Full Courses offered at Encampment beginning2020




Shooting Sports Introduction

This is an overview course designed to introduce the Cadet to a variety of shooting sports.  Cadets will practice the Olympic and Collegiate sports of archery, bullseye shooting with rifles, clay pigeon shooting (trap) with shotguns, and athletic shooting sports (summer biathlon). 

     Cadets will also get to watch and participate in demonstrations from SWAT snipers, Cowboy Action Shooters, and muzzle-loaders.  Cadets will bivouac in camping areas on the ranges so they can spend their whole day living a maximal shooting experience. 

    This is an introductory course and no prior shooting experience is necessary. 

    Small-Bore Rifle Qualification

       This course is designed for Cadets to earn the US Army Rifle Qualification Badge at the marksman, sharpshooter, or expert level that may be worn on the Class B uniform. It is a marksmanship-focused course shooting a .22 caliber rifle that will provide a couple of opportunities to qualify and/or improve your score.  

    Following the qualification, students will explore some more advanced tables of fire, and conclude the week with a competition for Honor Cadet bragging rights.  Cadets will bivouac in camping areas on the ranges so they can spend their whole day living a maximal shooting experience.

     This course is an intermediate-level course that will push Cadets to improve their performance through focus, self-awareness, determination, practice, and discipline.

    • 14 years of age
    • some shooting experience (includes archery or pellet guns)
    • Commandant Approval

    California Hunter Safety Certification

    This course, taught by CDFW-certified instructors and experienced hunters, is designed for Cadets who wish to become hunters and earn their California Hunter Safety Certification.  Upon successful completion of your written and practical exams, you will be issued your Certificate of Completion and Certificate Number which is a requirement prior to obtaining a hunting license in the State of California. 

    You will also get a chance to develop/improve your shotgunning and scoped-rifle shooting skills designed to simulate hunting situations. 

     This course is an intermediate-level course focused on developing ethical, responsible, and conservation-minded hunters.

    Marksmanship Courses


    Course Outlines


                   Introduction to Shooting Sports (7 days)

    1. Introduction to Shooting Sports
    2. Target Archery (1 day)
    3. Rifle (2 days)
      1. 10 Meter Rifle, Three Positions
      2. 50 Meter Rifle Three Positions
      3. 100 Meter Rifle Three Positions
      4. Athletic Biathlon
    4. Shotgun (1 day)
      1. Shotgun pattern
      2. 3 Targets
      3. 1 round Trap
      4. Skeet
    5. Black Powder Handgun
      1. 10 Meter handgun
    6. Misc Demonstrations
      1. –Sniper
      2. –3 Gun Cowboy
      3. –Muzzleloading

    Small Bore Rifle Marksmanship (7 Days)

    1. Weapons Safety Training / Certification
      1. Rules for gun safety (muzzle, action, trigger)
      2. Ten Commandments of Shooting Safety
      3. Weapons Handling
      4. Range Rules
      5. Range Commands Firearms Safety
    2. Firearms
      1. Descriptions
      2. Sights
      3. Actions
      4. Safeties
    3. Principles of Marksmanship
      1. Eye Dominance / Focus / Target Placement
      2. Stances / Support
      3. Breath Control / Focus / Zen shooting
      4. Trigger Squeeze / Pull
      5. Sighting in a rifle
      6. Shot groups
      7. Error analysis and correction
    4. Practice Small Bore Qualification
    5. Small Bore Qualification
    6. Small Bore Match Competition
    7. Night Shoot

    Hunter Safety Course (7 Days)

    -California Hunter Education Official Certification (3 Days)

    1. Hunter Responsibility
      1. Ethics
      2. Rights
      3. Privileges
      4. Landowners
      5. Poaching
    2. Wildlife Conservation and Management (Video – Sportsman’s Role in Wildlife Management) Principles of Wildlife Management 
    3. Firearms Descriptions and Safeties
      1. Rifles Parts, Actions, Safeties
      2. Shotguns Parts, Actions, Safeties
      3. Handguns Parts, Actions, Safeties
      4. Muzzleloaders, Parts, Actions, Safeties
    4. Firearms Handling and Safety
      1. Ten Commandments
      2. Carrying
      3. Shooting
      4. Zones
      5. Fences/Obstacles
      6. Cleaning/Storage
    5. Ammunition
      1. Parts, Calibers, Gauges
    6. Shooting
      1.  Fundamentals Positions, Sights, Firing
      2. Skill Leading, Vital areas, Shooting Decisions
    7. Archery
      1. Types of bows, Arrows, Points
      2. Parts
      3. Tree Stand Safety
    8. Survival
      1. Preparedness Map, Compass, First aid kit, Food/water
      2. Hypothermia
      3. If lost
    9. Wildlife ID and Game Care
    10. Regulations
      1. Residence safety zones
      2. Trespass
      3. Using another’s license/tag
      4. Firearms and ammo
        1. Caliber restrictions
        2. Plugged shotguns
    11. Practical Tests
      1.  Firearms handling safety
      2. Fence crossing
      3. Muzzle control

    -Scoped Rifle Shooting for hunting (2 days)

                    - Determining Range

                    - Getting proficient at various ranges

    -Shotgun shooting for hunting (2 days)

                    -Clay pigeon / Trap