Leadership Conference 2020

2020 Leadership Confernce Agenda for 29 August 2020



Leadership Conference 2020​

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Commandants, 10th Corps Staff, and Brigade and Battalion Commanders and CSMs:

California Cadet Corps announces its 2020 Leadership Conference!

To be done virtually on Teams this year, the annual California Cadet Corps Leadership Conference will be held on Saturday, 29 August 2020.

Sign in to hear what’s going on throughout the Cadet Corps as we all adjust to Covid-19 and major changes to our program across all our brigades. How are other schools coping? How will we continue the program in schools and statewide?

Breakout sessions are offered in the following topics:

1)    20-21 School Year IMA Virtual Model – prep your cadets!

2)    CACC Curriculum – how to best use it

3)    Annual General Inspection - 2021

4)    Virtual Instruction – Making it interesting

5)    Developing Cadet Leadership – How to

6)    PAO – Video Development

7)    Dealing with Difficult Cadets

8)    The Cadet Uniform

9)    How to use Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

10) Cadet Planning (Cadets Only + 10th Corps Advisors)


Here’s the overall Training Schedule:


Training Schedule


General Session: COL Edinboro, C/LTC Manning


Breakout Sessions per schedule below










Session 1  0905-0950

1-Virtual IMA

2-CACC Curriculum

3-2021 AGI

4-Virtual Instruction

9-Office 365 & Teams

10th Corps Planning & Coordinating

Session 2 0955-1040

1-Virtual IMA

8-Cadet Uniforms

7-Difficult Cadets

5-Develop Cdt Ldrshp

6- Making Videos

Session 3 1045-1130

5-Develop Cdt Ldrshp

8-Cadet Uniforms

3-2021 AGI

4-Virtual Instruction

9-Office 365 & Teams





General Session: Close-Out Remarks, Q&A


See Circular 010-2020-2021-001 on the at www.cacadets.org/circulars