10th Corps application deadline and Summer Camp Scholarships

Reminder that applications are due for 10th Corps Cadet leadership positions for next year (SY 2017-18) and must be received by HQS by 21 April.  Info can be found at https://cacadets.org/node/178.  This is a great opportunity to serve at the highest level of cadet leadership for the state, and good cadet leaders are needed!

We have been offered $300 to award scholarships for cadets who attend Summer Camp in leadership positions.  This is coming from the Cadet Character and Leadership Foundation (CCLF), a non-profit organization that helps cadets from various leadership programs finance leadership opportunities.



We are awarding these as $50 scholarships to assist cadets who are financially challenged in paying for Summer Camp.  So there are six scholarships available. 



The scholarships will be disbursed throughout the CACC, first come first served, with no more than one per battalion.


We ask that Commandants, in the approval process, submit a request only if they verify the cadet is having a hard time coming up with the full cost for camp, and might not attend otherwise.


Cadet who have already applied and paid may request a scholarship if they applied for a leadership position as long as the Commandant verifies their financial hardship.


These scholarships are for cadets applying for leadership positions only.  There is no rank requirement, but it’s hard to imagine a cadet below the rank of C/Corporal being ready for a leadership position at Summer Camp.  Commandants are asked to screen for demonstrated leadership potential within interested applicants.


The cadet must have a complete on line packet.  Once the complete packet is in the application system, the commandant should send me an email with the cadet’s battalion/school and name.  We will create a temporary Scholarship Application choice on the Cadet Corps web site so the cadet’s family can pay the remainder of the application fee (($50 until 31 MAR $75 starting 1 APR)


Once we have awarded all the scholarships, an annoucement will be sent out.


We are very appreciative of the CCLF’s generosity, and applaud their support of cadet leadership training.  Applicants will be asked to provide feedback to CCLF at the end of Summer Camp regarding what they got out of the leadership experience.


If you have any questions, the POC is COL Edinboro at grace.edinboro@cadet.org