Summer Encampment Unit Assignments

The roster for unit assignments for the CA Cadet Corps Leadership and Advanced Summer Encampments have been posted at  If you applied for both encampments, please be sure to check both rosters.  They are sorted by unit.  If your name isn’t on the roster and you think it should be, please contact COL Edinboro at or MAJ Dewbre at  You are likely caught in the submission process and the application isn’t complete.

Cadets wanting to attend NCO must be C/CPL.  If you are promoted to C/CPL at the end of the semester, let us know and we’ll move you to NCO.
Cadets wanting to attend OCS must be C/SSG.  If you are promoted to C/SSG at the end of the semester, let us know and we’ll move you to OCS.
The Welcome Letter and Packing List from the 10th Corps Commander are also posted on the web site.  There are different letters for the Leadership Encampment (16-23 June), the Advanced Encampment (13-20 July), and a separate letter for Cadet Cadre – those cadets who have been given Leadership positions at the Leadership Encampment.  Please download the letter that applies to you.
We will post details of the Transportation Plan, with pick-up times and locations soon.  We’re still working details with the bus companies.