May is Bike Month!

 CACC,I'd like to invite you all, adults and cadets alike, to participate with me in the May is Bike Month Challenge.  It is a biking competition that commences 1 May 20 and ends 31 May 20.  This competition will count as an official Physical Fitness Competition for Cadets, be conducted from your homes outdoors on a regular bike or inside on a stationary bike.   Each Battalion is encouraged to form a team under the California Cadet Corps network and unlike other competitions, Commandants are members of their teams.  It is both a team competition, and an individual competition.  AwardsThere are many awards built into the program (more on that in a later message). There will also be some individual and team challenges that I'll be pushing out and will include some swag for succeeding at the challenges. The following official awards for Cadets are authorized for this competition and will be mailed to their homes in June :

  1. 50 miles min:  Physical Fitness Ribbon (3510)
  2. 100 miles min: Bronze Oak Leaf
  3. 200 miles min: Silver Oak Leaf
  4. 400 miles min: Gold Oak Leaf
  5. First Place in BTN: Bronze star
  6. First Place in BDE: Silver star
  7. First Place in CACC: Gold star


  1. Commandants: Please share this with all your Cadets, Register on the site, select California Cadet Corps as Employer and then create your BN Team
    1. To register, follow instructions for All Participants
    2. To create a team go to Teams Challenge Page at
    3. On the left side of the page, there's a button that says "Join a Team" and one right next to it that says "Create a Team". Select "Create a Team" 
    4. Name the team as follows: BN number + School Name + Team name  For example: "128 BN, Liberty High School, Patriots"
    5. Coordinate with your Cadets and assign them to your team
  2. All participants: Go online and register with the May is Bike Month website
  3. Register as an Individual with your name and address
  4. Select "California Cadet Corps" as your employer
  5. Make a pledge of miles and/or trips
  6. Join your Team
    1. To join a team go to Teams Challenge Page at
    2. On the left side of the page, there's a button that says "Join a Team" and one right next to it that says "Create a Team". Select "Join a Team"
    3. If your BN has not created a team, or you don't belong to a BN,  join the "CACC Headquarters" team which has already been created
  7. Starting on 1 May you may log your trips (keep track of your mileage and maintain your integrity!)

 This is a pop-up opportunity, and something we weren't planning so please be patient as we try this out.  It is a lot of fun, and if your Cadets have a bike or access to one, I'm very confident they'll enjoy the experience.  One new thing this year is that stationary bike mileage counts (It's a COVID thing) Commandants feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Cadets, contact your Commandants for questions.    Let's get biking!!! Col Kelley