Headquarters, Full Time Personnel

State Headquarters Full-time personnel

Deputy Commander / Dean of Instruction

  • Lead growth of California Cadet Corps.
  • Manage support to Field.
  • Supervise full time staff.
  • Chair Curriculum Committee.

Email: tim.kelley@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6745



  • Serves as the senior enlisted adviser.
  • Manages the full-time Operations and Logistics sections.
  • Provides training, mentoring, and professional development to staff NCO's. 
  • Supervises the execution of state events, the utilization of CNG installations, the completion of the organization's purchasing & contracting objectives, and the coordination of all unit-level support throughout the CACC.

Email: dustin.dionne@cacadets.org or dustin.r.dionne.mil@mail.mil

Ph #: 805-782-6768 (office) or 916-397-7683 (cell)

Operations NCO

Email: ryan.rogers@cacadets.org or ryan.r.rogers.mil@mail.mil

Ph #: 805-782-6753

Logistics NCO

  • Responsible for identifying, planning, ordering and maintaining all uniforms, supplies, equipment and transportation needs for the CACC.
  • Conducts Annual General Inspections at schools (logistics portion) and brigades.

Email: Sarahy.Barrera@cacadets.org

Phone: (805) 782-6764

Information Systems Support Officer

  • Installs, manages, and trouble-shoots software on California Cadet Corps (CACC) non-CAARNG networked computer systems.
  • Acquires, connects and maintains non-CAARNG networked hardware, update website content as needed.
  • Prepares and deploys Wi-Fi access for CACC State Events. 

Email: daniel.williams@cacadets.org

Cell: 805-588-5849

Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Financial Resources

  • Financial reporting and reconciliation, budget planning.
  • Ensure fiscal accountability and internal controls are in place and functioning.

Email: deborah.shuford@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6749

Human Resources Analyst

  • Personnel Support, Draft, publish and disseminate CACC orders for adult personnel.
  • Receive, process and track TAG Letter request for commandants.
  • Receive, process and track commandant application packages.
  • Tack security clearances/livescans.
  • CACC event support.

Email: Nicole.plaza@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6742

Acquisitions - Associate Governmental Program Analyst

  • Purchasing and contracting, acquiring materials, equipment and services for the California Cadet Corps. 

Email: Robert.schumann@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6755

Program Development Coordinator GMC(CA)

  • Establish and support new programs, instructors and volunteers.
  • Assist in the training of new instructors and current programs.

Email: David.arbogast@cacadets.org

Ph #: 916-397-6493

Program Development Coordinator

  • Establish and support new programs, instructors and volunteers.
  • Assist in the training of new instructors and current programs.

Email: Mitzi.Risenhoover@cacadets.org

Ph #: 916-397-8211