Goal: Students learn duty, service, and responsibility as a citizen of their school, their community, the State of California, and the United States.

C1 The State of California "Roots that make California Great"
A. California Basics                                                              TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT-- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. California Government                                                     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT-- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. California History
C2 Citizenship "Playground Skills of Citizenship"
A. Improve Yourself                                                            TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: (A1-A3  A4-A8)-- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Improve Your Community                                               TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Improve your State, Country, and Planet                         TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C3 College & Careers "Plan and Execute Your Future"
A. College                                                                          TEXT -- PRESENTATION --ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Military Careers                                                             TEXT -- RPESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Civilian Careers                                                             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(ppxt)
C4 Diversity & Inclusion "Harness our Differences in Unity of Mission"
A. Understanding Diversity                                                TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Acting for Inclusion
C. Case Studies
C5 Emergency Preparedness "Be aware. Be prepared. Be There."
A. California Hazards                                                        TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Family Disaster Planning                                               TEXT -- PRESENTAITON -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)            TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C6 Flag  "Demonstrate Respect for the Flag"
A. Flag Basics                                                                  TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(Crossword) --ASSESS2(Quiz)--ASSESS3(Quiz)--ASSESS4(PicQuiz)                                                             Classroom Posters: -- Pledge of Allegiance --
B. Presenting the Flag                                                     TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(CalFlagXWord)--ASSESS2(ColorGuard PTA)
C. Patriotic Music and Poems                                          TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(Music Quiz)--ASSESS2(Poem Essay)
C7 Study Skills "Learn Well to Launch Well"
A. Preparing to Learn                                                     TEXT -- 1b STUDY SKILLS -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Taking Tests                                                              TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)          
C. Building your Learning and College Prep                   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1 -- ASSESS2 -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C8  These UNITED States "Understand What Ties Us Together"
A. Common American Values                                        TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)     
B. Great Americans                                                       TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx) 
C. Symbols of American Pride                                       TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)