Goal: Students learn duty, service, and responsibility as a citizen of their school, their community, the State of California, and the United States.

C1 The State of California "Roots that make California Great"
A. California Basics                        TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT-- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. California Government
C. California History
C2 Citizenship "Playground Skills of Citizenship"
A. Improve Yourself                       TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: (A1-A3  A4-A8)-- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Improve Your Community          TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Improve your State, Country, and Planet
C3 College & Careers "Plan and Execute Your Future"
A. College                                      TEXT -- PRESENTATION --ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Military Careers                          TEXT -- RPESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Civilian Careers                          TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(ppxt)
C4 Diversity & Inclusion "Harness our Differences in Unity of Mission"
A. Understanding Diversity             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Acting for Inclusion
C. Case Studies
C5 Emergency Preparedness "Be aware. Be prepared. Be There."
A. California Hazards
B. Family Disaster Planning
C. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
C6 Flag  "Demonstrate Respect for the Flag"
A. Flag Basics                            TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(Crossword) --ASSESS2(Quiz)--ASSESS3(Quiz)--ASSESS4(PicQuiz)                                                                                                               Classroom Posters: -- Pledge of Allegiance --
B. Presenting the Flag                TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(CalFlagXWord)--ASSESS2(ColorGuard PTA)
C. Patriotic Music and Poems     TEXT--PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1(Music Quiz)--ASSESS2(Poem Essay)
C7 Study Skills "Learn Well to Launch Well"
A. Preparing to Learn                                        TEXT -- 1b STUDY SKILLS -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Taking Tests                                                 TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)          
C. Building your Learning and College Prep       TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS1 -- ASSESS2 -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C8  These UNITED States "Understand What Ties Us Together"
A. Common American Values
B. Great Americans
C. Symbols of American Pride