Military Subjects

Goal: Students gain identity and belonging as a Cadet while developing self-control, respect, discipline and confidence

M1 CACC Regulations "Know What is Expected of You"
A. Basic CACC Regulations                      TEXT -- PRESENTATION  --  ASSESSMENT 1 -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Cadet Staff Regulations                       TEXT  -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Regulations that Guide Us                  TEXT  -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
M2 Cadet Uniform "Dress for Success"
A. Class B Uniform       (English )Text -- (Spanish)Text-- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: ( A1  A2  A3  A4 ) -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Class C Uniform                                  TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx) 
C. Class A Uniform                                 TEXT  -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
M3  Individual Drill​ "Instill Habits of Precision"    
A. Individual Drill                                    TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Individual Drill with Weapons              TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. The Drill Commander                         TEXT                
M4 First Aid  "Respond to Emergencies"
A. First Aid                                             TEXT -- ASSESSMENT
B. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation          TEXT -- ASSESSMENT
C. Automatic External Defibrillator         TEXT -- ASSESSMENT
M5 CACC Basics "Build a Foundation"
A. CACC Background                             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Cadet Responsibilities                        TEXTPRESENT. - ASSESS 1ASSESS 2 -PRESEN. (ppt)
Classroom Posters: -- Gen. Ordrs -- Mil Time -- Phonetic Alphabet --  Cadet Rank --  CACC Objectives --  CACC Core Values
C. Principles                                          TEXT-- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
M6 Maps and Navigation  "Leaders Know the Way"
A. Map Reading                                     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: ( A1 A2 A3 A3B A3C A4 A5 A6 A6B A7 A8 )
B. Navigation Tools and Activities          TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENTS COMING SOON
C. Advanced Land Navigation                TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENTS COMING SOON
M7 Unit Drill  "Follow, Cooperate, then Lead"
A. Squad Drill                                        TEXT
B. Platoon Drill                                      TEXT
C. Company Drill                                   TEXT
D. Battalion and Brigade Drill                    "Moved to M12"
M8 Military Courtesy "Courtesy is the Foundation of Respect"   Web book
A. Everyday Cadet Courtesies  TEXT -- PRESENTATION  --  ASSESSMENT 1 -- ASSESSMENT 2 Classroom Posters: -- Cadet Rank -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Courtesy to Impress                          TEXT -- PRESENTATION  --  ASSESSMENT 1
C. Speical Event Courtesies                   TEXT -- PRESENTATION  --  ASSESSMENT 1 -- ASSESSMENT 2 -- ASSESSMENT 3
M9 US Armed Forces  "In Service to this Nation"
A. Purpose of the Military Branches       TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Trends in the US Military                   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. History of the Military Branches        TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
M10 Field Skills  "Build the Team"
A. Bivouac                                             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: (A1-A6, A7-A9, A10-A12) -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Outdoor Team-building Activities        Coming Soon
C. Outdoor Skill-building Activities          Coming Soon
M11 Survival / Resilience "Be Resilient in Adversity"
A. Prepare to Survive                             TEXT
B. Survival Care and First Aid                 TEXT
C. Basic Survival Techniques                  TEXT
D. Advanced Survival Techniques           TEXT
Google Classroom Basic Survival Training (Battalion Level)   (Instructions on How to Access)
M12 Ceremonial Drill "Inspire with Unity of Purpose"
A. Battalion and brigade Drill                  TEXT
B. Reviews                                              TEXT
C. Parades                                              TEXT
D. Retreats and Reveilles                           Coming Soon
M13 Marksmanship
​​​A. Firearms Safety                                 TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Marksmanship Fundamentals            TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Competitive Marksmanship               TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)